Tuesday, December 2, 2008

CropStop's Holiday Treasure Hunt

Join the holiday fun at CropStop and be entered into a random draw!

Starting December 1st we will post a clue each day – Monday through Friday – on our Message Board. Using that clue, go to the store and ‘search’ on products that relate to the clue. Hit the correct product and you will discover a large colorful letter. You will have to open the full product description to find the letter. See sample below. Collect all five letters for that week to create a special word. Email us at Santa@CropStop.com with that special word and where you found each letter, by the following Sunday evening and your name will be entered into a random draw for that week. Participate all four weeks and we will have a special grand prize random draw on December 29th.

Try this so you know what to do!

Clue: Ring around the Roses
Put the word ROSES in the search engine.
We have put the sample letter in Rose Dewdrops to show what you are looking for.

Sample Letter


And don't forget our Monthly Sketch Contest!!! Just follow the sketch provided each month and upload your LO before the end of that month and voila'... you will be entered into our contest. Check out this month's sketch!

almost forgot.... check out our last BLOG upload w/ Santa's list and a coupon!!!!

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Vicki said...

I love this treasure hunt! What a fun idea.