Saturday, May 16, 2009

Scor-pal - Review

Scor-Pal Product Review - By Gloria Stengel
Before we can discuss what I think about this tool, we must first ask, “What is a Scor-Pal tool?” The Scor-Pal is a 12”x12” molded and textured scoring surface containing ruler markings along the top. This tool allows you to align your paper for perfect scoring. The Scor-Pal contains grooves in common intervals for creating cards and other paper craft projects. You are able to place your paper onto the scoring surface and create multiple scores without moving the paper. The score lines result in crisp, accurate folds. The Scor-Pal comes with a scoring tool, which snaps into place at the top of the board (so you can’t lose it). 

Are you thinking about getting one but haven't made your decision yet?  Check out Gloria's reasoning to buying this tool at the CropStop Forum.

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