Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday Tutorial: Layering your diecuts

Last month Bianca decided that she wanted to help me do a card, this happens really often but this time she also wanted to pick the colors. I was ok, with this because she has a sense of color better than mine. I think she inherited this from her daddy... sorry I digress... back to the tutorial.

She tells me that she want this particular cut (she loves flipping through cricut handbooks, but that she wants the flowers to be light blue, purple and dark blue. I start to scratch my head trying to figure out how to make her happy and it hits me! Not because an image has no "layers" means that you can't do layers!

We decide to cut the flower images in the three colors and start stacking them. We started with the flower on the top, and notice how on that flower we kept the layers almost the same and just shift them a bit. Then it hit me again that to make them look more realistic we should toss around the layers. We still kept each of the layers with their appropriate flower but some of the layers we rotated them upto 90degrees. You could have mixed and matched the flowers to create even more "movement". We ended up LOVING the card... So try some of those "simple" cuts and cut some layers for it!


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