Friday, November 1, 2013

Follow Up Friday...Ice Is Nice!

Vicki here...this week I finally got around to finishing a project that has been sitting on my craft desk for more than a month.  Sitting there, like a bump on a log.  Intimidating me every day when I walked I want to make the attempt today?  No, another day.  And now that I've used it, I wonder why it took me so long.  Easy, peasy!

Ice Resin. Susan Lenart Kazmer's crystal clear resin that combines the resin and hardener together in correct proportions from a dual syringe system.  Great for jewelry making, adding clear coat to flowers and other embellishments and other crafting ideas.

I tried something simple as my first project since I wasn't sure how it would go.  Well, it went great and it was so easy, except for the fact that I touched it before it was dry!

 I had this bezel that I wanted to make into a necklace.   I found a piece of favorite "word" patterned paper from Little Yellow Bicycle in my stash and cut it into a circle to fit the bezel.  Thank goodness I needed a very small piece because that's all I had remaining.  Then, I added a heart jewel and the letter "u".  Simple, but the meaning is there.    Next, came the ice resin.  Since it's measured at an equal ratio coming out of the syringe system, there was no guessing. I used a bathroom sized Dixie cup and wooden kabob skewer for stirring.  After assembling my bezel parts, I poured the resin slowly over everything so it was completely covered.  There was only one tiny air bubble to deal with.  I tapped the bezel gently and used the point of the wooden skewer to help remove it.  Then, the waiting game!  It takes at least 3-4 days to cure and dry.  Mine took forever and ever and ever....Don't touch it, because it will be sticky and you'll be fingerprinted!  Believe me, I speak from experience! 

Here is the end result, although now I am trying to figure out how I will remove the fingerprints.  There were no air bubbles until I touched it.  So lesson learned, for sure.  Next time, I will look and not touch for at least a week!
 I put it on a piece of red silk cording for now.  Not sure what kind of chain I will use or if I will leave it on the cording.  I think I might just like the red with the heart.  At the bottom, I will attach two tiny metal hearts using jump rings.

Thanks for stopping by today!

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