Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Couture Creations Banner!

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A couple of weeks ago I was lucky enough to attend Silly Sunday at Photo Continental to do a make and Take.. I created a banner using some awesome Core'dinations Glitter Silk Cardstock and the Couture Creations Madeline lace dies and Secret Treasures Dies ... For those of you who wanted to do some more of this banner and for those who just want to learn how to make 5 different flowers from the 1 die... here are the instructions

Start off by cutting Opulent Opal Glitter Silk Core'dinations Cardstock to 4" x 6". Measure the piece 2" from the length and 2" from the width. Then cut from each corner into the measurement cross to form a banner, as below.

Using the Madeline Lace Die Lacy 8 cut some Core'dinations cardstock in a contrasting colour. Cut the round section in half and one half into quarters. Cut the square piece into quarters also.

Add to your banners with  Couture Creations Mini Glue Spots.

Adhere half of lace die to banner. Using the Couture Creations Secret Treasures Die Retro Flower cut 3 die cuts from your contrasting cardstock. Then pinch each petal and bend upwards, stack flowers as shown below adhering together with Couture Creations Craft Glue Spots and adhere to banner.

 Add the tiny retro flower randomly over banner.

 Cut another Lacy 8 die cut and cut circle in half for this banner.. add a quarter of the die cut to top corner of banner and the half to the left hand side. Cut 3 more retro flowers curling the ends of the petals with a skewer, slightly bend petals upward... stack flowers as per pic below finishing with a single med retro flower. Adhere to banner


Adhere a full round Lacy 8 Die cut to a Banner with Mini Glue Spots.

Cut another 3 Retro Flowers and stack them off center from large to med. Using the Couture Creations Paper Piercer from the Handheld Essentials Kit to place a hole through the center. Add a brad through the hole. Spritz with water and scrunch petals around brad. Spritz each layer and repeat scrunch until all petals are scrunched around brad. Spread out petals to desired shape and let dry. Adhere to middle of lace dice cut.

 Adhere 1 corner of Lacy 8 die cut to banner.

Cut 2 Retro Flower die cuts and spritz well with water. Squeeze petals together and twist... do not twist to hard as petals will tear off. Just enough so that the look like they are on their side.
let dry and stack as pictured below. Adhere to banner and place small flowers randomly

Adhere 2 corners from Lacy 8 Die to Banner to form an arch.

Cut 2 Retro Flower Die Cuts and using the skewer slightly curl the end of each petal.
Stack as per the picture below and adhere to banner as shown.

 Finish all flowers with Couture Creations Glitzin Glamour Crystalina in the centres and all banners with Couture Creations Secret Treasures Ivy Die Cuts tucked under flowers.

Staple complete banners to length of ribbon.

I hope this shows just how versatile the Couture Creations Secret Treasures Retro Flower Die can be.. and how this die and all the great Couture Creations Dies would be a great asset to your crafting stash.

Thanks for dropping by and Keep on Creating!
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